The talkback app is being developed, to turn all your varied e-mails, diverse DM’s, myriad messages, frantic feedback, rabid replies, and digital diatribes, into real conversations.

The goal of talkback is to enable 2-way, bi-directional, interactive, back-and-forth discussions, discourse, and dialogues. Life is just better when we talk, and talkback too…we all feel better after a good talk, don’t we?

The mission and purpose of talkback is to help people, businesses and organizations simplify and streamline the diverse, high-volume, messaging of social media and other daily communications and interactions, by turning them into conversations. To accomplish this, talkback is designed as a new way to have all your conversations in ONE place–one app, on one (your favorite) device–say goodbye to app switching!

the talkback app - a DREAMIT concept / project - web-service

The big talkback logo (above) embodies conversation, appearing to be two people sitting across from each other at a table, with conversation and “talk-back” passing back-and-forth in the space between them…

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Get ready to talk and talkback — soon!


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